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With the weather turning cold , I am thinking what the Holidays mean to me. 
Obviously, its a high stress time of year, for all of us, and some find the Holidays especially lonely. Life changes and people change ,  and we adapt our lives around all the changes. Keep those that are going through tough times in your care and see about them, invite them and include them, do unto others..  I want this time of year to be less stress and more Joy . So for the first time ever, I mean ever.. I am getting things done earlier . No one wants to see Christmas decor out in the store early, I feel the same but.. after being in retail for many years, I know that people want it all ready for them to power shop Black Friday, that all takes time to pull together, so stores really have no choice.. just enjoy 
I am going to be kind to myself this year, and get all Christmas decor up for Thanksgiving ,,it will be a mix of Santa and a Turkey ..but hey that just gives me more time to enjoy all my hard work. Let the Season of giving begin with less stress and more Joy , starting with Me.   . Rosie