About my world

Living in the beautiful countryside of Danville, Indiana with my husband ,  our Rocky Mountain Horses and our beloved Puggle Griz , 16 years old now, along with our two Lakeland Terriers , Sophie and Kota , we keep busy .  I love to paint the horses with all their beauty, grace, and spirit, they are the subject of many of my paintings.  We have met so many wonderful friends along the way that share our passion for these loyal and devoted creatures, they have blessed us beyond measure .  

Portraits of horses , farm animals and beloved pets , and yes people , especially the people in my life  that call me Mammy , my  favorite people to paint  the Grandsons.   Flowers are always a loved subject  to paint, I love big free flowing flowers in soft romantic colors, delicate and beautiful, life can be so heavy and painful at times, I paint what gives me joy..and a landscape now and then, when it hits me.

I paint mostly in oils , occasionally  watercolors and pastels , but my joy is oils. 
I have many years of studies and courses  but if you are a artist , you never stop learning and improving your skills and I hope I always think I am a student and not a master of anything. 

 You can see some of my original paintings  and some prints and cards at the Gallery on the Square, downtown Danville Indiana.  I post upcoming events , workshops and classes on my Facebook page, Thank you for reading and visiting my website .

Home really is where my heart is.